Dinosaur Fossil Found in Northeastern China Uncovers the Tiny Species with Bat-like Wings

Nature Journal cover featured a new species of the dinosaurs, which are tiny and have the bat-like wings on their back. As the fossils were found in the parts of Northeastern China, scientists were studying the same and discovered the tiny bat-like dinosaur, that existed a long time ago. The little flying dinosaurs would have existed nearly 136-million years ago on the earth and might have extinct due to the asteroid impact as the scientists think the primary reason for the extinction of Dinosaurs from Earth.

The discovered fossil is of the non-avian theropod from the Jurassic era of the dinosaurs. The discovery has triggered the investigation on the evolution of the dinosaurs that helped them to fly. The dinosaur is named as ambopteryx longibrachiatum and is measured at 32 centimeters in size and 300 grams in weight at the full extent. The membrane of the wings suggests that it had a bat-like wing structure, which helped him fly. As the dinosaur was able to fly, it is categorized in Scansoriopterygidae, which is the group of dinosaurs which were able to fly and climb quickly.

The new findings have encouraged scientists and paleontologists to research more about the same in the excavation facility in Northeastern China. Dr. Wang Min, who works at the Institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences published the study in Nature Journal. He concluded that the feathers were not the only way for flying in the prehistoric era for dinosaurs, but also the thin membrane layer just like we find in the bats. His findings differed from theropod species and showed the proof of the evolution of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic era. Paleontologists are still working on the site in Northeastern China, with the hope of finding more clues about the existed dinosaurs.

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