Very Few Rural Students Are Enrolling For Medical Schools

Very Few Rural Students Are Enrolling For Medical Schools

When it comes to medical schools, it usually accepts the top and deserving candidates. A recent report is showing that rural students from the country are not getting enrolled in this type of course. This report shows that the number of students getting admitted to medical school has dropped by more than 8% from the last 15 years. Majority of the medical schools have less than 5% of the rural students in their programme, which is quite shocking for everyone.

The data came from the Association of Medical Colleges, which were highlighting the problem of why rural areas have a shortage of doctors. Only 11.45% of the total practitioners do their practice in rural areas, even though 19.2% of the population lives in such areas. This study shows the shortage of doctors in rural areas also very few students can get register into medical colleges. Experts believe those students who complete their education in the medical field choose to practice in their hometowns or rural areas as compared to urban students.


Exports of this study said that those students who have never lived in a rural area or there are very few people who are practising in rural areas will attract very few doctors in there. Human psychology plays the leading role here because urban students who have lived in the city will not understand the environment of rural areas; hence, they prefer to choose big cities for practice or job. Even though reasons have been mentioned explicitly by experts of this study still they think lack of interest and not being academically capable of clearing the medical exam is the main reason why some students don’t join this course. Others said some students don’t want to travel far from their home, and many don’t want to take the financial burden in the form of education loans.

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