The Mac Pro Display XDR and Mac Pro Desktop Order Begins

The Mac Pro Display XDR and Mac Pro Desktop Order Begins

Apple has informed its customers about the availability of the new lineup of Pro Display XDR and Mac Pro desktop. However, the company is yet to say when the units will start shipping. There are no details regarding any customized configuration pricing, either. The new Mac Pro is the company’s attempt to salvage long-standing user grudges about the previous iteration of Mac Pro. The 2013 Mac Pro model received criticism owing to a lack of customization options. The new Mac Pro ships with as many as eight PCIe expansion slots. You can opt for setups with 8-28 cores and 12 DIMM slots supporting up to 1.5TB of RAM. The price begins at $5,999. The iMac Pro had a release two years back, and it met with a mixed response. The all in one solution did not win all segments of the target users.

The Pro Display XDR is a professional grade display unit that is used mostly by demanding users such as the creative professionals dabbling in video editing or image retouching etc. The monitor is pricier than most competitors, but it offers 1,000 nits of brightness along with a massive contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It costs $4,999. The display runs at 60Hz. The device may be lapped up mostly by the film production units and editing studios. Both the display and Mac pro showcased at WDC earlier made many heads turn. The Pro display XDR is nothing less than stunner and has a massive 32-inch screen with 6K resolution. The display also features automatic color adjustment. It is sold with a separate stand and uses Thunderbolt 3 cable for linking to the Mac.

Despite the stunning looks and killer specs of the two devices, it is the price tag that is making headlines. Apple is counting on highly sophisticated technology to retain existing users and win new customers. Rival Microsoft is wooing away a section of Apple loyalists with its affordable and capable Surface range of devices. The Surface Studio 2 copes well with the iMac pro- for example, at the lower price point.

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