Speed Giant Buggati retires from pursuing speed Records

Buggati is known for making numerous speed records till date. It was the first car manufacturer to make the fastest street-legal car to date. Buggati kept on breaking its own records. But, this won’t be the case as its CEO, Mr. Stephan Winkelmann formally announced that the company wouldn’t be chasing speed anymore.

In July, in 2010, Bugatti registered its name in history, when Pierre Henri Raphanel, it’s official test driver set the world record for land speed. He was driving the unrestricted Veyron Super Sport while achieving the feat. His average speed was 267.8 miles per hour (430.9 km/h) at the Ehra-Lessian oval owned by Volkswagen. After some years, a Chinese racing driver Mr. Anthony Liu registered a record with, Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse by doing 254.0 miles per hour (408.8 km./h) at the same venue in Germany. This record was set for an open-top production car category. In 2019, on August 2, Andy Wallace, Bugatti test driver & Le Mans winner took a customized Chiron built for high speed to the same track located in Lower Saxony and achieved a top speed of 304.7 miles per hour (490.4 km/h). Buggati’s chase for high-speed records will soon be history as the company’s President announced the retirement of its iconic high-speed chase. Their goal was to break the 300 miles per hour barrier. Now that they have surpassed it with the longtail Chiron, the company is planning to focus on other sectors and invest in R&D. Other players like Koenigsegg, Hennessey & SSC North America are still chasing this record.

The car which was achieved this unbelievable feat is not available in the market, not making it a production car. The other record-breaking models were also not available for sales. The models introduced in the market had a lesser top speed than the original one. All the aspects of the longtail Chiron had to be beefed up to cope up with the 5,300 Gs. The car moved at 136 meters per second. This record speed chase will no longer be seen from Buggati.

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