SpaceX to launch thirty thousand more Starlink Satellites

spacex to launch thirty thousand more starlink satellites

SpaceX has submitted documents to the International Telecommunication Union, ITU which administrates use of global bandwidth will launch 30,000 more satellites on top of 12,000 satellites already permitted to launch. SpaceX will likely operate with 42,000 satellites. A SpaceX spokesperson said that as the demand increases for fast and reliable internet worldwide, especially where connectivity is absent, expensive & unreliable. SpaceX is taking steps to expand Starlink’s network capacity responsibly. It’s latest plan is to involve engaging 30,000 satellites in multiple orbital planes at altitudes, which range from 205 to 360 miles. The Federal Communications Commission submitted 20 documents for SpaceX to the ITU, each covers plans for 1,500 satellites of SpaceX.

SpaceX did launch the first 60 satellites on for the Starlink network in May by a Falcon 9 rocket. A new launch of Falcon 9 is planned to transport additional Starlink nodes into the orbit in October or November, followed by 24 Starlink launch following year. It is said that SpaceX is laying the foundation to expand the total capacity of network & density of Starlink constellations 15 times that of earlier. SpaceX has previously stated that the Starlink constellation will grow appropriate with the market demand. According to the rules of ITU, the operators of the satellite have seven years to launch at least one spacecraft using the demanded frequencies & operate the satellite for 90 days. Then at that point, the operator can receive rights of priority to the required spectrum over its competitors.

Astronomers & debris experts have raised concerns about dangers posed by SpaceX’s Starlink fleet. SpaceX said that the three of 60 satellites that were launched in May had been stopped to communicate with ground teams & will deorbit due to drag of aerodynamic. SpaceX said it was on purpose deorbiting 2 Starlink satellites to show their capability to bring spacecraft back in the atmosphere at the end of the mission. Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, said that the first batch of 60 Starlink satellites was experimental, but could it could become a part of the operational Starlink fleet after finishing in-orbit tests. European Space Agency said there are 2,000 operating satellites currently orbiting the Earth, & 22,000 objects. The launch of 42,000 Starlink satellites would triple the number of space objects.

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