Researchers say food labels containing exercise advice may help fight obesity

Researchers say food labels containing exercise advice may help fight obesity

Fitness is the primary concern when it comes to health. people who think about their health think twice before eating any things.due to fast food and lots of calories, there is increasing in obesity. Present foods label showing the calories present in a particular product, not showing how much amount of exercise is needed to burn them.

A new research study approach to labeling food with calories contains and symbol of physical activity, which is needed to burn them. Physical activity calorie equivalent (PACE) labels will help to avoid extra weight gain for those who are concern about it. After showing calorie factors on a product, people might avoid overeating also get to know how much exercise needs to burn that energy. Sometimes people also suggest the product owner make a product with less calories. A bar of chocolate contains 230 calories, and to burn them, 46minutes of walking or 23minutes of running required after the PACE label it will help to people. According to the researcher, 200 calories per person can reduce per day after the application of PACE labeling. The researcher found that PACE labeling is effective than no labeling and not more effective than labeling contains only calories. The researcher found that they compare other labeling and no labeling together. The people select the most 65 fewer cal per meal with labeling instead of 83 cal.

The researcher found that PACE labeling helps people to increase their physical activity. Also, a small reduction in the daily intake of calories is good for health and can help reducing obesity. According to the researcher, the U.K. Royal Society for Public Health has wanted to implement the PACE labeling system with the current labeling system used for food. PACE labeling system triggering the people who are thinking of calories in the place of nutrition and who are less concern with health and for those with eating disorders. Also, labeling food is a way to recognize the importance of reducing obesity. PACE labeling will be helpful for people how much exercise required to burn off particular food and reduce obesity.

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