Muse’s Latest Meditation Headband Assists Users to Sleep

Muse’s Latest Meditation Headband Assists Users to Sleep

Increasing workload and stress are driving people towards an unhealthy way of living. There are various aspects which matter when it comes to health. First of all, it is essential to have a proper diet and exercise. Apart from this, another crucial aspect is sleep. Lack of sleep may lead to various health issues ranging from acidity to heart issues. On the other hand, technology has indeed acquired a significant position in day to day lives. For example, mobile phones have become an integral part of some people’s lives. Many times people forget to sleep while watching mobiles, yes it has become a reality these days. As a result, there remains a lack of sleep, which eventually results in frustration, mood swings, etc. It also affects the productivity of people at work, including day to day activities.

Thus to help out people with sleeping, Muse has announced another model in its series of brain-sensing headbands. Before this, the company had launched such a gadget in 2013. It had designed the headband to take the presumption out of medication by offering live feedback on the activity of the brain and body. This time, the company has attempted to cover everything in a lavish, breathable material. The latest Muse headband is specially designed to offer the best fitting experience. So users with any head size can use it with great comfort. Muse has focused on sleep in mind while developing the headband. Well, Muse S comprises of a combination of guided instructions and soundscapes.

The company touts, this combination will offer users with a precisely personalized sleep experience. The gentle and peaceful voice of the meditation coach replies in real-time to the metrics estimated by the headband. Users can use Muse S for up to 20 minutes a day and three times a week. Two electrodes present in the headband can spot brain activity, including heartbeat, breathing, and movements of the body. Whereas users can view the feedback of brain activities in real-time through the iOS/Android app. The price for Muse S is $350. Even more, users can have unlimited access to the service for $13 per month and $95 per year. In the end, the expensive way to calm a tangled and busy mind is presently available across the US and may arrive in the international market soon.

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