Massive Black-hole weighs around 70 solar masses

massive black-hole weighs around 70 solar masses

Astronomers found a new black hole that weighs around 70 solar masses. It is the most massive stellar-mass black hole in our galaxy. Black holes exist with very high gravitational force. Even light cannot travel through a black hole. The formation of black holes occurs by aging and collapsing the massive star, and it is highly gravitational substance forms. Astronomers didn’t found any black hole like this. The Sun weighs  333,000 times of the Earth’s mass. But, the newly discovered black hole has a higher mass, and it exists in the galaxy Milky Way. In some of the distant galaxies, the black holes with 70-80 solar masses have noticed from 2015. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory is an astronomical tool and large-scale observatory. It is used to detect galactic gravitational waves by development gravitational-wave.

The astronomers have found more than 100 of stellar-mass black holes in Milky Way. These black holes weigh approximately 30 solar masses. China uses the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST). It is used to find stellar masses in the galaxies by analysis of companion star in a binary system. The binary system is 15000 light-years away in the universe. According to some research reports, the black hole identified with the detection of changed radial velocity concerning the companion star. The process includes the acceleration of the objects towards the Earth and away from it — a term related to Dopler shifts, which are a part of studying lights of stars. From these astronomers have found eight more stellar masses.

The team has observed the light from a disc of hydrogen around the black hole. Mr. Jifeng Liu is the team leader who belongs to the National Astronomical Observatory of China. As per Mr. Liu, the LB1 is possibly two times bigger, and this research gives a challenge to astronomers across the globe.

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