Jeff Bezos Thinks the US Is In Big Trouble If Big Tech Companies Doesn’t Support Military Departments

Jeff Bezos Thinks the US Is In Big Trouble If Big Tech Companies Doesn't Support Military Departments

Some big tech companies previously said that they wouldn’t sign some business contracts with the military departments because such technology is used by them to kill someone. Many human rights activists protested against big tech companies, which forced them not to sign any agreement. However, now jeff Bezos, the billionaire and founder of Amazon, has a different opinion on this subject.

In a recent interview, he mentioned that the US would be in danger if big tech companies don’t come for the help of military departments. Jeff said Americans were always the good guys, and it’s the circumstances that forced them to take such actions. Because of tech companies’ support, the US military had a good advantage in spaceflight as compared to its rivals. Jeff said that even if Pentagon sign a JEDI contract with Microsoft and not with Amazon, they are going to fight for it and will ultimately convince Pentagon to have a trade deal.

Jeff Bezos is already interested in public rated businesses, and that’s why he is focusing more on Blue Origin to handle the military rockets launches. However, jeff is still a critic of the current government when it comes to losing the JEDI contract with Mcuirosft. He mentions Trump’s government made this unbiased decision because it dislikes Amazon. Trump had criticized Bezos and Amazon earlier for using its monopolistic position to eat small businesses. Bezos didn’t mention that much about losing a military contract with Microsoft and talked about the growing importance of tech companies’ collaboration with US army departments. Microsoft a few months earlier also defended its support for a military-based contract when some of its employees went on to protest against such trade deals. It seems like tech companies, especially big ones, know the future would be in the hands of the military even if some people don’t agree with it.

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