Ford Motor Company targets Tesla Inc. with its new-electric F-150

US-based Ford Motor Company is going to defend its capable pickup franchise from developing all-electric truck competitor Tesla Inc. In 2018, top three selling vehicles were Chevrolet Silverado, Ford’s F-Series, and the Dodge Ram. According to news, Tesla is expected to introduce an all-electric pickup truck. Mr. Elon Musk confirmed at the end of 2017 when the company launched Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Semi. In that, Elon musk validated that it would make an all-electric version of its F150 pickup truck. The automaker told that the electric F150 would hit the market ‘before end of 2022’.

Tesla CEO Mr. Elon Musk announced that the company projected electric pickup would “more reliable truck than an F-150 in accordance of capability”. After that Ford published a video of an all-electric F-150 pickup model truck towing around £1.25 Mn of double-decker rail cars. According to Michelle Krebs who is a senior analyst at by moCox Automotive, it shows the ford is focusing on retaining its leadership with the F-Series, even for all-electric trucks. In 2018, Ford declared some strategies to “bring 16 battery-electric cars” beginning with an all-electric CUV with 300 miles of range. But the auto manufacturer more focused on hybrids than all-electric vehicles. Mr. Darren Palmer, the head of Ford’s Team Edison, confirmed in an interview that the electric vehicle F150 is going to be the series of all-electric vehicles that Ford intends to launch “before 2022.”

Several major companies are aiming to disrupt such a vital segment of transportation in the US with electric options. Recently, Tesla has listed its forthcoming electric pickup truck as a priority after the Model Y. Bollinger Motors has a pickup truck version of its electric utility vehicle and also aims to bring such products shortly. Besides, US-Based Rivian also plans to release its R1T electric pickup truck between 2019-2020.

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