British Airways Stagnated as Pilots Go On 48-Hour Strike

british airways stagnated as pilots go on 48-hour strike

The flagship airline was enforced to cancel almost all flights during the 48-hour pilot strike. The strike was due to salary negotiations with the British Airways Pilots Association failed. This lead to stagnant tensions on the runway. A spokesperson of British Airways told the Washington Post that around 195,000 customers were scheduled to fly on Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Brian Strutton, the general secretary of the pilot’s union, said in a statement, British Airways should wake up and understand that its pilots are determined to be heard. He added that the company had drastically cut their salaries earlier in order to help the company while hard times. Now the Airways is making profits in billions of pounds. Also, the pilots have made reasonable, fair, and affordable claims regarding pay and benefits.

On Monday in a post, British Airways said that it had no other choice rather than to cancel almost all flights. Since there was no detail from the Pilots Association and so the pilot will strike. Thus it cannot be predicted that how many pilots would come to work. The airline said that it is still ready and willing to talk with the pilot union. British Airways offers all affected customers a full refund or re-booking options for other airlines or other travel days. The airlines insisted customers not to come to the airport. Also, asked to make sure that their information related to contact was up to date. The images from various airports such as Heathrow and others showed empty check-in lines in a strange and frightening manner. Other airlines related to British Airways, including Comair, BA CityFlyer, and Sun-Air, were unaffected.

Wages are at the heart of the struggle between British Airways and its pilots. The airline has offered an increase of 11.5% in three years. Thus, the pilots are asking for a bigger share of the profit. The union of pilots said that it proposed to British Airways management earlier this month. The proposal was to prevent a two-day strike but the negotiations quickly broke down. Mr. Strutton said that pilots have substantially reduced wages to help the company in difficult times including the years after financial crisis. At the press conference, the union said that its argument is with the management of the company and had nothing to do with the affected passengers.

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