Boeing’s Dreamliner Order with Emirates Comes at a Considerable Cost

Boeing’s Dreamliner Order with Emirates Comes at a Considerable Cost

The 3rd Day of Dubai Airshow saw some significant action by Boeing and Emirates. A deal of 30 aircraft was agreed upon for Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft by Emirates. The deal is about 8.8 billion dollars, which is the list price. For Boeing, this deal brings in some amount of relief. The aircraft makers were looking forward to opening delivery slots in the 787 production program commencing as soon as possible in the next two years. The production is to increase significantly in 2022. The main reason for the slowdown in the orders of the plane production is none other than the trade wars which are going on in the US. The jets which have been booked by Emirates are expected to be delivered by the first quarter of 2022.

The new deal of Emirates with Boeing’s Dreamliner series comes at a cost, and that needs some analysis. Emirates had bookings for 777X, the latest jet series from Boeing. And Emirates reduced the orders in this series from 156 to 126 aircraft (reduced by 30), which are being replaced by the Dreamliner models. The difference in the price came at $3.5 billion at list price. However, it is a well-known fact that airlines usually pay way lower than what is mentioned in the list.

The launch of Boeing’s 777X took place with Emirates, and Emirates is the largest customer of these aircraft with an order of 126 jets. However, Boeing has had long delays in sanction and production of the 777X, and this has not gone too well with Emirates. Emirates has been using Airbus’ A380 superjumbo for long, but now it aims to replace these with the new 777X series. These aircraft are among the most massive widebody jets currently available in the market. Even other leading carriers like Lufthansa and British Airways have reduced orders for delivery of 777X aircraft from Boeing. However, the redeeming thing is more carriers may place orders for the 777X.

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